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Flexibility. Support. Convenience.

Let us simplify your practice so you can do what you do best!

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Flexibility. Support. Convenience.

Let us simplify your practice so you can do what you do best!

WELL’s Physician-First Approach

We aim to drive better health outcomes with tools and technologies, like telehealth, billing automation, and patient engagement solutions, that help you optimize your practice allowing you to provide your patients with the highest quality care.  We also provide all of our family practice physician partners with white glove support from our dedicated team of Physician Success managers allowing you to focus on what you do best: caring for your patients.


WELL is offering lucrative equity-based incentives for physicians interested in moving their practices to one of 180+ clinics in Canada.

Some of the Benefits of joining WELL Health


Choose from one of the 180+ multidisciplinary clinics in Canada


No cost, moving and EMR transition services


Zero rent, no lease, utilities included, no other maintenance costs


Dedicated Clinic Manager, MOAs, Referral Desk


Mature virtual care solution

Highly flexible scheduling that fits your lifestyle


Free, no headache billing services


Possibility to adopt your MOA into our WELL family!

Choose from one or more of our 180+ multidisciplinary clinics in Canada

Physicians that transfer their practice to one of our 180+ Clinics in Canada will qualify for lucrative equity opportunities.

WELL Health also offers the flexibility for locums to work available shifts in one of our 180+ Clinics in Canada.

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“After hearing about WELL Health’s offer for physicians, I made the decision to transition my 20-year walk-in practice in to one of WELL’s clinics in Richmond. WELL’s transition team digitized all my medical records and made it incredibly seamless to integrate my practice into my new home. I’m now in a much more supported environment where I’m able to focus less on the administrative tasks and more on patient care. I highly recommend WELL to any physicians looking to make a positive change to their practice.”

– Dr. Richard Sagorin

Family Doctor, General Practitioner